I love Ios


Could you please add a feature where I could edit song metadata and artist metadata for the Vox cloud. I would like to be able to add or delete album artwork and artist pictures because I like metal, but there is a lot of metal album art I don’t like and other album art I don’t like. I love this app and the sound quality, but I think it could also benefit from having more customizability with the layout because I bet some people could not stand the orange on it. I listen to many different genres of music and this is the most hifi player for everything, even the iOS version is basically just as hifi as the mac version.



VOX doesn’t have customizing tools at the moment. But you can edit album artwork using a 3d party tools, like kid3 or similar. And delete\re-upload those files to VOX Cloud.

Here is a useful topic on our forum, once you decide to correct the id3 tags and re-upload those albums to VOX Cloud - How to tag files properly

Also, we are looking forward to adding some customization features in future updates!