How to delete album or tracks with Windows PC


How can I delete an album or tracks from VOX cloud?

I am using a Windows PC for uploading music and an iPhone for listening via the VOX App.



Currently, we have no such option introduced on iOS devices, BUT you can manage your VOX Cloud Library using VOX on MacOS device!

We are really determined and working on a multiplatform app to make it possible on PC and iOS. Hope we will take an opportunity to share our progress with you very soon!

PC app we are talking about will provide you with all the tools you would need to sync your iOS device with your PC using VOX and VOX Cloud.

Until that time, you would need full operating MacOS to manage your VOX Cloud Library.

Also, I am the one you need to get things like that sorted out or delete your music tracks - just reach us directly if you would need some assistance with deleting your files - !


Hi, I am trying VOX as a way in which I can listen to FLAC files via my iPhone and Apple Car-play - test seems good with high quality. I also use Windows and although I can upload files to the VOX Cloud Library and then can download onto my iPhone I cannot, as mentioned above, delete files from the VOX Cloud Library. I doubt very much that I will move to a Mac OS any time soon so the ‘multi-platform’ app would be very welcome to manage my files (especially deleting those uploaded by mistake.
Look forward to an update - Thanks



Yes, we are working hard to make it happen ASAP.
Stay tuned!