FLAC+cuesheet no longer supported


The cue sheets seem to be ignored in recent additions to the file share folder. Older albums are fine. I tried to remove and add the same originally-working files but they are no longer shown as albums, but only single FLAC files.


The same situation. Three weeks ago, I reloaded the library and more than half of the albums are displayed as one track, obviously due to ignoring cue files.


Thanks for reporting!

Please advise what OS are you referring to? Do you import your music files using macOS device + Files sharing or PC + Files sharing?
What are the OS`s versions?


Thanks for the answer. I use iOS version 14.2. I upload files using macOS device (macOS 11.0.1) + Files sharing.


I’m using iTunes file sharing on a Windows 10 PC + iPhone SE with iOS 14.2.


The latest update (2.5.5) did not fix the problem.


The problem still exists in 2.5.6


Same issue here
Please help


Thanks for your posts. This would be a new feature for the VOX Music Player for iOS, and yes, we are considering developing this feature for free users in the future.

As for the moment, we’ve already implemented .cue support for Premium users, using VOX Cloud.

You can simply upload your music files + .cue to VOX Cloud, and download them on your iOS device for offline playback.

The .cue files will be read and by the server before they actually get to the VOX Music Player for iOS.


Dear support, did I hear you correctly? Are you talking about increasing monetization by removing features that used to work fine for free?

For some reason, it seems to me that this is not exactly the answer that a grateful user has been waiting for for 3.5 months.


No, unfortunately, the .cue files + audio tracks combination has never been supported if the files were added via Files Sharing.

However, if you are sure that it used to work - please share an exact version of the VOX app that used to work like this, and I will ask the dev.team to find this logic in the code.


Everything worked fine until version 2.5.4. This can easily be determined by the date of our request. This was the main functionality that I used VOX for. Therefore, I really want to get information from the developers, what does the phrase “never supported” mean. It worked, but no one knew about it? It sounds exceptionally strange.


That’s a blatant lie.

80% of my musical collection on iPhone is comprised of albums that are single FLAC file + CUE file, and 90% of those are treated properly by Vox (individual tracks are shown), but anything I’ve added since November 2020 is just shown as 1 track (CUE file ignored).

CUE file support was working fine, and now it’s broken.


This function is the single most important reason for me to use VOX. Please help to restore it.


Our tech.team will check that again.

If this functionality has been working fine before, it will be an easy fix, otherwise, it will take some time.

Keep the fingers crossed.


It absolutely was there before and it’s not there anymore.
Something is broken.
How long do we have to wait for a fix? It’s been 5 months already!


Hi, CUE + FLAC seems to be working for me on windows VOX Universal beta 0.7.12 however it doesn’t seem to be working for my CUE + TTA music, can you please fix or advise if there is a solution.


I’m sorry, but this is an iOS discussion thread. What is the point of writing about what works in Windows VOX Universal beta and asking to solve another problem related to another release?


I have switched to foobar2000 for iOS. It does support FLAC+cuesheet, when Tools -> Advanced -> Index cuesheets is enabled.


Dear Customer Support! Today we celebrate a small anniversary! Exactly six months have passed since the opening of this case. I would like to congratulate everyone involved on this date and note the highest degree of disregard for user requests. Develop in this direction, do not admit the presence of problems, feign surprise and continue to stall for time. I’m sure your product audience will appreciate your efforts.