FLAC+cuesheet no longer supported


The cue sheets seem to be ignored in recent additions to the file share folder. Older albums are fine. I tried to remove and add the same originally-working files but they are no longer shown as albums, but only single FLAC files.


The same situation. Three weeks ago, I reloaded the library and more than half of the albums are displayed as one track, obviously due to ignoring cue files.


Thanks for reporting!

Please advise what OS are you referring to? Do you import your music files using macOS device + Files sharing or PC + Files sharing?
What are the OS`s versions?


Thanks for the answer. I use iOS version 14.2. I upload files using macOS device (macOS 11.0.1) + Files sharing.


I’m using iTunes file sharing on a Windows 10 PC + iPhone SE with iOS 14.2.


The latest update (2.5.5) did not fix the problem.


The problem still exists in 2.5.6