FLAC+cuesheet no longer supported


Thanks for your post!

As far as I know, the problem should be already fixed in the most recent update 2.6.

Can you check which version is installed on your device?


Good morning.
Can you tell me where in the app I can view the current release version?
A test of my version showed that cue files are processed, but at the same time the application completely ignores the ID3 Tags from the FLAC files. As a result, we have two serious problems:
a) there is no information about album date and as a result, sorting by date does not work;
b) but what is much worse, the sequence of tracks for multi-disc albums is broken, tracks from different discs are inconsistent, which is naturally unacceptable for mixes.
All this functionality works in foobar2000 and probably former VOX users will have to use it.
I would also like to point out that it would probably be correct to notify users of reactions to their requests It’s common courtesy.