Create a library without iTunes


I dont use itunes, However I like your player and would like to add my artist/albums to the Vox player. Is this possible? Thanks!



Of course you can! Simply drag and drop all your local music into VOX and it appears in playlist view. You can manage you playlists in any way you want.


But how can I search for albums in playlist? Am I missing something, or is there no way to view albums included in a playlist? For instance, if i add four albums from one artist and want to quickly listen to songs from one of the albums, is ther a way to see a list view that includes album titles for all songs in playlist?


I just installed and am using Vox and think it's great.
I came to ask basically the same question.

Is there a way I can add a folder (say containing several gigs of music) to what Vox indexes? This folder would be separate from itunes and not part of the itunes library.


This is much needed, currently when you add a folder you just get a long list of individual tracks , which isn't much use for browsing, what is needed is a folder tree that reflects the way the tracks are organised on the drive, as well as an album view.


Yes, I also want to throw out iTunes. Vox not automatically handling albums for browsing means it isn't the solution for me. I thought it might be.


We are already working on a separate from iTunes library.

Stay tuned :)


Fantastic, just as long as it supports folder structures rather than trying to organise everything based on ID tags or 'Albums" since most people with old FLAC collections ripped from CDs etc will not always have ID tags for all of them and usually organise their collections using folders and subfolders (usually by artist or composer)



We this really badly so that the program isn't so contingent on iTunes (which I don't use). The playlist system is too messy to be used as a standalone library. Also, the option to disable sources (including iTunes) needs to be added.


Basically, what we need is a system akin to the attached image. The system that is currently used separates individual songs based on artists (or whatever), which it shouldn't as it's messy. It would be great if it appeared more organised as shown.


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Any update on a way to add your own library of music to VOX? Looks like you can use Loop but not looking to pay for external storage just want a simple program to index my music, allow me to play it and show the cover art. That is all.


We've made Loop exactly for this purpose. It gives you the easiest way to manage your library and moreover - you can sync it across your devices.


Is there a way to use Loop locally and not pay the monthly fee?


It's still a subscription, I can make like a month free trial for you to test it out.

What do you think?


"We are already working on a separate from iTunes library. Stay tuned :)"

Is is ready soon? Will it be possible to tell Vox a directory to complete its own library?
Because iTunes library doesn't include flac files...


Yes, jiboubou , and we've talked about the Loop option which is great for managing your music actually.

You can test it out in VOX right away, just make sure to update to the latest version.


It's still a subscription, I can make like a month free trial for you to test it out.

What do you think?

Thanks for the offer, but I don't think it will work in the long run. I am not going to pay for storage of my files, when I will only be using them locally. It just doesnt make sense.

I would however pay for your app, if I was able to use/manage my files locally (without itunes)

You guys are on the verge of a really great player, but there are some fundamental flaws that are holding it back. 1. A free, easily managed local library. 2. Large album art display.


I agree—I have no interest in yet another subscription service. But I would gladly pay for a Vox app that supported a browsable, automatically-updating library!


me too!
I'm not interested in a cloud based storage service: my files are stored on my HD and either played with my iMac or copied on SDs to be played with my Fiio DAP.
please make a pay version of VOX with local library management!