Cloud files suddenly not showing up


Hello, all the files I’ve uploaded to Vox Cloud are suddenly no longer in my MacOS app. I’m on the newest version of the macOS Vox app, running Catalina v10.15.5.

When I open the app, this is what I see in Vox Cloud:

When I log in to the web app I can still see my library:

So it seems like the macOS app has failed to sync?

Please let me know if you have suggestions.



I’m having a similar issue. Says I have no cloud files all of a sudden …like I have a brand new account. Also shows 0 files in the cloud on the website.


Same here. Totally empty. Fast response needed!!!


A restart of Mac solved the problem. Weird. Also: it would have been nice if VOX had given this reply. It’s called customer service.


Thanks for reporting!

Our is working on fixing that behaviour.

If you face it again, please try to re-boot Loop app:

  • Start VOX app, go to Preferences…> Account and Sign Our from your current account associated with the VOX app, then close the VOX app.
  • Close the Loop app, if not closed automatically, check the menu-bar for a Loop app icon:

  • Choose the “Quit” option in the drop-down menu.

  • Start VOX > Preferences (⌘+,) > Account > Sign In using your VOX Account to re-authorize the to the VOX app using your personal VOX account. It should help to re-sycn the library!

Vox Cloud and Itunes not not accessable in Vox Player

This keeps happening. Can’t close the loop app because is it showing the famous “beachball”. Need to re-start the Mac.