Vox Cloud and Itunes not not accessable in Vox Player


My cloud and itunes are no longer accessible in the Vox player on my computer. I have installed Vox 3.4.2 and am running Mac OS 10.11.3.

Oh and I’ve quit the player and lopp several times and restarted as mentioned here Cloud files suddenly not showing up and even did the kill in terminal as mentioned here Vox player 3.4 (Built 3400.6) Mac Os Catalina 10.15.7 (19H1217) Vox cloud not available

If i go to my flac files or the file in my music folder and tell it to open them in Vox it does and it show the queue of the album in the menu bar …

The iOS player on my iphone and ipad is still working and showing the libraries/cloud files


Thanks for your post!

Please try to Drag&Drop your music to the VOX app and see if they will be open in the Playlist tab?


It starts the music and shows the queue in the task bar control but not on the tab in the player.

So still no library list of the music in the cloud or on my drive in the player.