Can't sign up for Loop


As above and message saying Loop isn't avaialble now.


I have the same error. I responded to the email to activate Loop, and I can sign in on iPhone, but nothing happens on Mac. I'm using all the latest updates for Vox and OS's...


Same problem here...


I am already signed up for Loop for about a year now and after the latest Vox update (yesterday) I can't log in to Loop anymore on my Mac). So, my 70+GB of music are unavailable...
Support, is EVERYBODY asleep in there???


Same here!


Just to clarify, tried it on iphone 6 and it works but not on the Mac. Come on Vox please sort this mess out!!


The same! Maybe it was an untested new release with a huge bug ... I really would like to listen my music for my money ;)


I'm positive the bug came in the latest VOX version for Mac (Loop doesn't even start anymore!)
Still, that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that we all pay good money for VOX's "music cloud" and we can't play or upload any songs.
This issue would have had way less impact if there was an online web based service for Loop. So this brings me back to a thing that annoys me hugely: none of the big/important features/upgrades people have been asked for (Win version VOX, online web based service a.s.o.) have been developed yet and there's no ETA on them, just empty - up to now - promises and pleas for "giving development more time to build those".
I strongly consider NOT renewing my yearly Loop subscription. It's just bad business.


Well, I found a workaround. I deleted VOX 2.7.3 (website version) and downloaded 2.6.5 from the App Store. Uploading my first flac files...


Can confirm the same issue here in Malaysia (just in case you are looking at regional possibilities). 2.7.2 was working fine and I updated after uploading a bunch of files and it has been unable to be accessed since the update to 2.7.3.


Can also confirm 2.6.5 works great (including linking into, which seemed broken the last couple of releases if doing it from a fresh install). Thanks Tony smeT!


That's what I did this morning, too... remove VOX completely and resort to the AppStore version that works fine.


sorry for inconvenience you have experienced!

Download, please, new VOX (build 2730.1) version from our website:

Issue with LOOP is solved there.


Thank you for the quick debugging, I think this is a great service! I really like to use VOX!


I did the same as Tony, thank you. Anyone been brave enough to try the new one 2730.1? I'm only trialling this at the moment but it doesn't fill me with confidence to part with my cash. Had a trawl through previous threads and there do seem to be complaints regarding service unavailability.


I've tried the (so far) bug-less .1 version and I can certify that the Loop issue has been resolved.
Still... there are countless "how nots" in (at least) the way the Customer Service works here at Coppertino.
Again, my complaints are all based on the fact that I am paying good money for this service - we're not talking here about an open source community thing (zero $ -> quasi no expectation in terms of "customer care" & service up-time and reliability).


In my point of view everybody makes mistakes... But I think this bug fixing war really quick (it was less than a day at the weekend), and as I know it was the first bug what affected the usability, so I am satisfied with this service :)


glad to know that issue was resolved for you! :)

Sorry for any inconveniences you have experienced.
Feel free to ask any additional questions you have.


I can confirm that 2.7.3 build 2730.1 works, including Loop...


Thanks Tony! :)