Cannot log in to mac os player


Hello, I am having the same issue as Trouble logging into VOX player but the solution laid out in that thread does not work.

Every time it authorizes me on web app, takes me to account page of web app. But the player itself continues to say “sign in”, “create an account”, etc.


Thanks for your post!

What VOX + macOS versions do you have installed on your device?

Please try to do the following:

Open Terminal and paste the following command:

curl -X POST

Please copy the text Terminal will reply you with and send us in your next email, or simply take a screenshot and send it to us!


I’m having the same issue. Should I file a new support request or were you able to figure out something that I could also do?


Thanks for your post!

What OS version are you on?

We would ask you to do the following:

1st :

You are going to get an error using this link anyway, but I would need to know what exact error is that?


  • Open Terminal and paste the following command:

curl -X POST

  • Copy the text Terminal will reply you with after you’ve executed the command, and post it here, or simply take a screenshot!

Finally, you may reach our tech. support desk and they will provide you with individual assistance.


I am using 10.11.6 and Vox version 3.3.17.

Here is the message when I run that terminal command:


Any help with this? I did what you asked; see comment below.


Seems like our has figured out what has gone wrong and found a way to get it to work!

Please try to take the following steps in order to fix everything:

  • Download a certificate using this link:

    • opt. you can also get this certificate from directly from COMODO website
  • After the certificate is downloaded, double click on it to add it to Keychain.

  • Open Keychain Access (if not opened automatically) > Go to System Root Tab and type “RSA” in search to locate the certificate.

  • Perform a double click on COMODO RSA certificate > Open “Trust” information > select Always Trust option > Close the window to update the certificate`s info window.

  • Check if the certificate has granted “The certificate is marked as trusted for all users”.

  • Restart VOX app and try to re-login to VOX app using your VOX account again.