Artwork not appearing


Hi, I've reimported MP3 files with embedded artwork into Vox and artwork still does not appear.

I installed Kid3 and resaved the MP3s with new artwork at both high resolution (3000x3000) and again with low resolution (270x270) in case that made a difference and the artwork still doesn't appear.

I didn't have this problem until the latest update. (otherwise, nice update btw!)


Charles, which way You've put mp3's into Vox? This might help identify the problem...


In iTunes, I find Vox in the Apps tab, click on Add and find the files I
want and it gets imported that way. Is there another way to get files on to
an iPhone?
It's an iPhone 5 running the latest iOS build, btw.


This is called iTunes File sharing, this is exactly one of the ways to put files into Vox. Indeed, Vox should easily display artworks of such files.

There are some recommendations for using this method:
- don't just drag audio files to Vox Documents directory, drag folders! the best idea is having a folder per album. This way it is easier for Vox to identify tracks belonging to the same album. The artwork then can be embedded into files or placed as a picture in the same folder.

Also, please send us some of files that have artwork embedded and do not display it in Vox.


Also, with file sharing it's not always good to "reimport" files, if You want to renew some existing tracks (say, after embedding artwork) it's a better idea to first delete old files from Vox, then just re-add. This will clearly tell Vox to re-scan those files.


I do delete the files first...


I don't tend to add individual files, I do add folders. I've attached a
file with embedded artwork.


Your file's artwork is top left


yeah, not surprising, this confirms it's properly embedded, but you're not
offering any solutions or explanations or alternate approaches...


Please could You be more specific - solutions for what You want us to offer?
BTW, have You managed to get artworks in Your Vox?


Before the latest update, all artwork displayed properly in Vox. After the update, all artwork does not appear.

I deleted all files and added them again, trying all recommendations mentioned in this thread. Artwork still does not appear.

Apparently, you have no other recommendations. Perhaps you can try to fix this bug in your next update.


The screenshot I posted is made using latest version from Appstore...
Of course we will fix anything we are able to reproduce here.

On thing I should stress but I didn't: When deleting files, open Vox and make sure they are gone. Only then load updated ones. Otherwise Vox has no way of knowing that something has changed - file list is the same..

Best of all, delete album under question from Vox itself.

Best regards and thank You for helping us making Vox better.


Hi, I use iTunes file sharing to put FLAC/APE files, all of which has album or even artist artwork embedded, into my iphone. I have the same problems that for some music files, the artwork is not displayed or displayed with wrong image.

As I cannot directly attach my FLAC/APE files for more than 10MB size, you can find 3 of my sample files at the following links. (all of them are Chinese songs)!XksyhTZB!S5iFz5V64MhQ9v3Dko5vKuDNRi2glck5WIKA17pvwBA

Would you please advise the solution? Thanks!



Jason, I suggest to delete corresponding album from Vox, check that it desappeared from Vox, then re-add it again. If the pics are properly embedded - they will appear.

One more thing to suggest is adding artwork as a picture file in the same folder as album, with a name like "artwork.jpeg" or "cover.png", If nothing else helps.

Also please check if the device has free space (Vox needs to cache pictures) and always use last version.

Tell me if I can be of any further help!


Jason, of Your 3 tracks only "Angelfish" has artwork, other two do not. I checked it using Kid3 app.


Hi, thanks for the promptly response.
As I'm using windows not linux, I installed mp3tag to test my embedded pics (I originally used some unpopular plays called QMP for tag editing)

For the two FLAC files I provided to you in the previous message, as you can see from the attached pics, both the album covers and artist pics are embedded. However, for the other APE file, it's true the original embedded pic is not appropriately shown.

I will try your other suggestion to put the pic files in the same album folders and see what happen. My questions is: how to name the pic files for album cover and artist(s) respectively?




Vox first searches for pictures named "folder", "artwork", "cover", if no pics with these names present - it takes first pic in the folder it sees. Pictures should be of JPEG, PNG or TIFF format. So the pic file should ideally be something like "artwork.png" and have size from 300x300 to 600x600 px.

Organize Your albums in folders so You have 1 pic per album. In iTunes File sharing, drag these folders to Vox.

I double - checked and these two files unfortunately have no pics, at least not detectable on Apple OS-es.

I am here for any further comments and help!


Thanks. As I know there are both artist view and album view, if I organize each album with a folder, and put the folder.jpg inside it, the album view seems to be ok. My question is, if I also want the artist view to be shown with right pic, what should I do and name the pics in each album folder?

Thanks in advance!


BTW, I found the embedded pics of the two FLAC files are greater than 600x600 except for the cover pic of album Angelfish. Is it the reason that those big pics are not detected?

I may also find a time to test for smaller embedded pics...


For Artist Photo to work You need to properly tag all files. Vox tries then to find these photos either from iTunes or from free resources online.