Artwork not appearing


Thanks. With folder.jpg been put into each album, the album artwork can be displayed well (with my try, even 720x720 px is ok to display).

But I found another problem, it seems that VOX cannot recognize the song title and album name of a .APE file. (I checked the feature list of Kid3,, and it seems that Kid3 does NOT support .APE file. I'm not sure if it relates to VOX app or not)

Please see the attached files for my test: 1 for flac file, 1 for ape file.



APE tags are supported, however it's possible that some tags fail to get recognized by Vox. Thank You I will have Your file to test it further.


I have a similar problem with cover art not showing in the Vox app on my macbook. This usually seems to happen with lossless MP4 files that i bought from official download sites. I use MP3 tag and the files have the cover art embedded but still dont show up in the Vox app. Ive tried deleting the files from Vox and reuploading but the cover art still doesnt show up. Frustrating.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your post.

What OS and VOX version do you use at the moment?
How exactly did you manage to upload your music files to VOX Cloud? Using VOX for MacOS or Web Tools?
Can you share the names of the files with cover missing and we will check them from our side?