Album Breaking Out Into Individual Files


I transfered an album to the Vox App in iTunes and Vox made all the tracks into separate albums.
Not the best way to stay organized.
It also did it with a couple of other albums.


Hi there!

All you need is to organize your tracks using id3 tags. Try correnting and id3 tag`s inputs and it will be fine.

Take a look how it’s done here: How to tag files properly


Hi there
It doesn’t work.
Besides why do I have to do this?
Shouldn’t your software be smart enough?
Keep at it guys.
Make your software worth buying.



It needs to be done, in order to have your music tracks recognizable by most of the apps including VOX.

We are planning an id3 tags, so you can do just using VOX app, but it is to be done.


Well I would suggest that your software is not doing its job.
Multiple albums that I have uploaded have now been downloaded to my phone as one massive album with 100’s of songs in it.
As far as other apps go:
“Roon” for example has very few glitches when recognizing albums and finding the correct information.
Your software is in beta at best and I would say not even that.
It is a player only


On another note why is the player on a Mac only viewable as a long strip with albums end to end?
You need to enable it to be viewed as an album panel showing all the albums side by side and top to bottom with multiple pages, again look at “Roon” as an excellent example.