Airplay troubleshooting


Q: I want to play music to Airplay device, what do I do?

A: First, make sure that Your mac and Your Airplay device are connected to the same Wifi network.
If that is the case, once Vox is started, You will see Your Airplay device in VOX output device list. There are two ways to see output device list in Vox - 1) using Preferences->Audio, see field “Output” and 2) on the top pane of player’s window when You hover the mouse over it. The output list button is rightmost, but it is available only if there is more than on output available.

If You see Your Airplay device in this list, then select in the list to start playing to it. There will be a short but notable delay before the actual audio will be heard. Use volume slider for appropriate loudness.

Q: I want to play music using Vox and Airplay device as output, and I selected my Airplay device in Vox output device list, but there’s no music playing.

A: First thing You will need to check is device volume. Use Vox volume slider at the top part of the window to adjust current volume. For Airplay device, Vox controls device volume directly.
Next, make sure no other app or mac/iPad/iPhone uses this Airplay device, otherwise, Vox will be unable to access it.
Also, remember that Airplay audio technology has a latency of 2 or more seconds so be prepped to wait a little bit after switching the device and pausing/playing music before sound actually appears in speakers.

Q: My Airplay device is installed as System Default and I want Vox to play to it.

A: Use Vox output device list to select the topmost item - Same As System. Your music should be playing to Your default audio device now. (for El Capitan, version 2.7.1 and above only)

Q: I did all above but I still cannot hear any sound from my Airplay device, I tried several times and used the pause button to start/stop playback and launched several different tracks that otherwise play normally, and it’s really not working.

A: Please use our support forum to inform us about this malfunction, supplying the model of Airplay device used, Vox version, OS X version used. We will do our best to fix this.

Q: My music is playing to Airplay device but time to time I hear glitch/interruption in audio. What can I do about it?

A: This usually means Your wifi network if overloaded or the area You are in is too bloated with many wifi networks conflicting with each other. Wifi network tune-up and optimization are required in that case.
Also, check if no firewall or other network-sniffing software is preventing normal network operation.

If all above does not help, write us with all details to

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