VOX Audio Output AirPlay problems


Hi! Thanks for developing VOX.

I have a problem with VOX Audio Output by AirPlay.

My MacBook Pro 17 is connected with Harman Kardon AVR 171
In OSX 10.11.6 System Prefs
AVR AirPlay chosen and works perfectly with iTunes for the sample.

But VOX used build-in speakers anyway in my case.
Doesn’t matter what option in VOX prefs chosen
System Default or AVR AirPlay.

To say truth: sometime VOX and AirPlay can find each other
and play music by AVR, but mostly not. Depend on VOX mood
and situation in SandBox I guess.

Dear friends, please help me with this issue.
Casue is really hassle to fight with VOX every time when I want to play music by AVR.
Solution I found is to start play music with iTunes AirPlay then switch to VOX.
Sometime it works, but it’s too complicated on daily base ))

Thank you, my favorite player anyway.


I have had similar problems almost every time I launch VOX. I can get the audio to play through the internal speakers but connecting to my Airplay device is spotty. VOX shows the Airplay device but selecting it nothing is streamed to the device. The only way I can consistently and 100% get it to connect is run Airfoil as an intermediary, but this is not ideal as VOX is supposed to support Airplay directly

With VOX sometimes it works and other times it just will not connect to Airplay no matter what I do. I finally found a work around that works about 80% of the time for me.

If I go into the VOX preferences and switch to the Audio tab and Reset the Audio preferences. Close the preferences or switch the audio output to the Airplay device it will connect about 80% of the time on the first try. if it doesnt connect I will reset the preferences again and try a reconnect. Then toggle back and forth between internal speaker and the airplay device after the reset. This will typically get VOX to connect to Airplay on the 2nd or 3rd try.

I am running a Mac Book Pro with 10.13.5 and running the current VOX version of 3.2.1 (Build 3210.1)

Hope it helps, but wish that VOX would fix this so that it would connect without having to mess with it so much.


Hi there!

Please delete VOX app using CleanMyMac or simular and install the most recent version. Looking forward to your feedback!


I’m having this issue with my MacBook Air, sometimes airplay to my mini HomePod works, sometimes not. It’s ok if I do it through System Airplay, but not always (almost never) from the app. Sometimes when I choose the HomePod mini from app, make a noice, but nothing else. I’m using the same wifi, check everything but nothing.
Using Vox 3.4.1

Any help? Thxs

PS I follow al the instructions Airplay troubleshooting