Accents in Album and Track Titles - doesn't handle cleanly


1 Issue: Multiple albums appear after upload, note difference in Album Title (accents)

VoxTitleDiff []

1 Change: normalize Album name to remove accent (La bohème→La boheme); remove and reupload


Additional info, since “new users” (I pay for Vox Premium by the way!) can’t post more than one image per topic…

2 Issue: Single album, but note differences in Track Names (La bohčme vs La bohème)

So as long as I can get a single album upload by keeping accents out of the Album Title, I can live with it. Still, seems like a bug, and it’s inconsistent as well, which should be troubling…


We’ve fixed that, 3 pic limit - should be fine!

Thanks for the heads up, we are already keeping this as a “fix task” in our TODOs, waiting for some free time to get it integrated in VOX app properly. Still, we are working on a bigger solution, that will cover all major issues connected with search and text normalizing on the backend.


Still keeping this “fix task” in your TODO? I have a long standing issue uploading music that contains special characters (for example, latin accented characters) in their titles and file names… Some tracks would never upload. When are you going to add utf-8 support?! It’s 2021 outside!