You have one of the best music app on this planet


… but you don’t finish it…

  • synced playlists everywhere
  • playcounts
  • genres
  • a tab “Pick of the Day”
  • a tab “New Music”
  • a tab “Forgotten Albums”

This can’t be too hard to implement…
I already canceled my subscription. I am a yearly subscriber, but nothing really changed in that year. Sorry to see. So so much potential…


I forgot „Favorites“. But I think no one cares here anymore. What a pity.


Thanks for your posts!

I will make sure that information will reach the dev. team and they might consider drastically changing the VOX app if it will be in line with VOX philosophy.

As for the additional feature set, I would appreciate some details, so I could collect your feature requests and pass them to the too.

Hence, we would like to hear your ideas on how should mentioned features be displayed in the VOX app?

We would really love to keep the minimalistic style, however, we would need to find a way to fit new functionality.

If you have some ideas on how should we do that, we would greatly appreciate your efforts in sharing them here!

Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance!


I cancelled too. But I came back. There’s not really a good alternative for VOX on iOS or MacOSX. So if you are not planning any shocking new functionality, which you aren’t, please please please please please please please please at least implement “recently added” for Mac, like on iPhone. I’ve been begging for this since I was a little kid. Thank you!


To be honest, I don‘t think it is worth it. You won‘t work on it anyways…