Won't play some tracks on soundcloud


Hello, i'v got a problem with my vox,i'm a big fan of soundcloud so i use it quite a lot. The problem is that there are songs on soundcloud that vox skip them, i do not know what is the exact problem but those songs are always skiped, they don't have problems over the web , songs works fine on web.

PS. ADD an option to see the playlists from soundcloud, because i only see the songs i like

thank you

OSX Yosemite 10.10.2
VOX 2.4.1


Hi Hansel,

Please could you provide us with names of the particular tracks which are not playing on your side ?

Waiting for your reply!


just found another issue, later today.. i played a song from the search list and as soon as i added the song to "like song" the song won't play on the like song list.. but the song is playing just fine when i search for it and click play (soundcloud) . check the picture i attached, its the song that won't play after you add it to "like"


and same with other songs!


Same here. Vox skips songs from my playlist.



Hi guys,

This problem is related to SoundCloud itself due to their API which in some cases does not work properly with VOX on particular tracks.

Please feel free to contact us if any questions arise.


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I too am a big sound cloud fan.
I have many songs I listen to from sound cloud and now for some reason, they don’t play. Vox will skip to the next sound cloud song and not play. please help frustrated tempted to unsubscribe.


Thanks for your post

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, the SoundCloud source will be temporarily unavailable in the VOX app. SoundCloud has made to changes, which was really unexpected for us.

We would need to make appropriate changes in the VOX app, as well. Our engineers are already working on it.


Thank you for responding so quickly.


Same issue here. It just skipped through 30 songs until finally playing one. Is this likely gonna be fixed?


On iPhone same songs works perfect, on MacOs – skipping the tracks, API issue you say? =)))


Thanks for reporting!

Please advise where do you store your music files?
Are all of the skipping songs stored in VOX Cloud or you store them locally, or may be on your external drive?

Have you tried to re-authorize to VOX app for macOS using your VOX account and check if mentioned songs continue skipping instead of playing normally?



Thanks for reporting.

We will investigate this case.