Why the media buttons in Mac can't control VOX but iTunes


I have read the article ‘How to use Mac’s Media Buttons to control VOX’ and I have downloaded VOX Preferences panel, which are suppose to allow me play/pause the songs with the buttons not iTunes.

There are some shortcuts, such as space to play/pause, but it only work when VOX is shown on screen. It is so inconvenient!

I have been using VOX for years, and nothing wired happened until I bought a new laptop. I’ve tried whole day to make it work, hopefully someone can help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.




Thanks for contacting us.

I am sure you tried it, but I should ask if all checkboxes are flagged?

Try to un-flag them all, restart VOX:Preferences and flag them all again.



Thank you for your reply, but it is not working at all. Is there any other solutions?


I have those buttons checked and pressing play still opens itunes instead of playing on Vox.



We would suggest doing the following:

  • Make sure you are running the most recent version of VOX Preferences
  • Close VOX and iTunes
  • Go to VOX Preferences
  • Try to un-flag and then flag them again.
  • Start VOX

Use Mac’s Media Buttons to control VOX.

If no use, please try to re-install the most recent version of VOX Preferences from scratch.

Here is a download link: https://vox.rocks/mac-music-player/control-extension-download


Tried everything mentioned (and more). still doesn’t work.


Thanks for your post!

Have you also checked an “Input Monitoring”?

We would also suggest doing the following:

  • Close VOX
  • Go to System Preferences > VOX Preferences
  • Unflag all checkboxes and flag them again, start VOX app, check if Media Buttons are operating?

I am looking forward to hearing about your results!


Hi there,

I have the same problem : Apple Music doesn’t want to leave those fu***ng buttons to VOX.
I’m using Mojave, I reinstalled a fresh vox + fresh VoxPrefs, added vox to the “security / input monitoring” control panel (please note it wasn’t there, I had to add it manually). Then I killed both apple music and VOX, unchecked everything in Vox profs, startded vox, quit VOX again, checked everything in voxprefs, started vox again, quit vox again… and still… if I hit the play/pause button of my macbook, Apple music starts.

Any idea ?
Tx in advance


Their suggestion worked for me! I couldn’t get the buttons to control Vox either.
Go to System Preferences>VOX Preferences> uncheck all the options, exit System Preferences, VOX app, Music app, and then go and check all the options again, and then launch the VOX app, it worked for me.