Where is the ARTIST Artwork coming from?


@VOX_Support_Team: I tried to search for any mention of this but had no luck…

When browsing the library which has my VOX Cloud + Spotify music altogether, I noticed that that VOX provides an image of each Artist. I was wondering where this image is coming from? The image is different than the Artist Image from Spotify or anywhere I’ve seen because I noticed most of the images look like they are created by users (and are usually an older photo of the artist or one taken by a fan during a concert).

I was wondering if there is a way to provide our own “artist artwork”, but most importantly…
I’m wondering if VOX is automatically fetching this image from some music database online. Assuming that’s where it’s coming from, why can’t the same functionality be used to fetch album artwork or any other metadata basics (as long as the file is named correctly)…?

I really love VOX’s Hi-Fidelity and fx like BS2B and AU plugin support. Really the only thing missing for me to be 100% satisfied is some very basic additions to the metadata support.

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I have heard a variety of answers as to their sources for this including Last.fm and Spotify, but in either case I hate that it continues to update and in many cases disappears all together.

We have been hearing for at least two years that this is “in the works” or is “in a future update” but to no avail.

It is a shame really, as it is one of the last things that really continues to bug me as so many other things seem to have been addressed and handled well over the years…


Thanks for your posts!

The thing is, that there is no exact way to embed an Artist artwork to your music files. All software that displays an Artist artwork uses external sources (music files you have imported - never contain the Artist artwork, only the Album artwork).

VOX is using public sources to import Artist artworks and display them, unfortunately, some of the resources have been closed or blocked unexpectedly, that is why we need to look for new, alternative sources to use them to populate the Artists with proper artworks.

Additionally, we are looking forward to introducing new features, that will provide our users with the ability to import their own Artist artworks!


Okay that makes sense. Most players that allow custom artwork for artist (like Plex) require an entire folder/sub folder system and you place the custom metadata in each folder.

Still, I can’t tell you how many times (just in the ~40 days I’ve been using Cloud) have I wished I could make a quick metadata edit to uploaded songs. After spending hours editing metadata and then uploading 20gb of music it’s very annoying to find a mistake I made and have to delete and re-upload!


I would be a huge fan of this feature. Sign me up to beta test it or whatever it would take to bring it to the player…