Where is my reply & refund?!


Do not support VOX. Support have not responded to my last several messages as they have nothing to say to defend their horrible service.

I am not going away and I want a full refund immediately.

I will take this further if I don’t hear from support within a week.

Thank you and goodbye


There is a chance of a refund, if you bought with Paypal method.


I bought thru Paypal and paid 56 $ for a year . then by mistake I paid a second time by credit card for the same year. I wrote to Paypal and it did not change anything. they do ping pong with my plight. I tried everything to get another year credit or refund for one year. no way !! no reply even fro VOX


I could find no suitable alternative so I am back using VOX. The same niggly problems still exists for me but I couldn’t find a better solution so for now I will endure


Hi jjporee, I perfectly understand your disatisfaction and I will probably experience the same very soon because Vox premium is just not working on my Mac. But we do need to remember that they are based in Ukraine and we need to be kind


Most of the issues to which you are replying and reminding us to be kind occurred way before the invasion. So your comment is irrelevant to that time frame.


Thanks for your patience, please contact our support desk via support@coppertino.com and we will address all the incoming requests as soon as possible.

Don`t worry, our office and dev.team stays fully operative, however, some delays in new VOX releases and our replies.


Hi just tried emailing to support and it bounced back.


I have the same concern.
A while back I sent questions and I never got any answer neither on the forum.
I know they are difficult times however we pay for a service and support, and a polite answer would have appreciated.
Other Ukrainian companies like MacPaw or Readdle still support paying customer.

It is too bad because due to the issues I am facing I have to stop my subscription.


Thanks for your post!

Please try also using this form: https://vox.rocks/support


Our support team is working on resolving all the inquiries. If you’ve left a ticket at our support desk, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Can you tell us what type of response time we should expect for other than an automated acknowledgement of the request via the support form?