Vox will not play when phone is locked


Will this app ever be able to continue playing when my iPhone is locked?


I have the same problem. App just stops after 1 min???


Thanks for your posts!

We would need to collect some details to get it reproduced, please share as many of those details as possible.

What iOS device do you are using?
Have you tried to re-install the VOX app completely?

Also, does the problem does seems re-appear while using “Keep Screen Awake” in VOX > Settings?


Does not appear when screen is awake but uses a lot of battery then


Thanks for your reply!

What iOS devices you do use with VOX?
Do you use AirPlay or Sonos streaming when that happens?


Using iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 8.

Am plugging the phone directly to the Aux on the Amp i.e. wire connection.