VOX uploader not working


Not working from last thursday. In the uploader appears “xx files uploaded” but in the player they dont’ exist!
Tried many times with different folder. How can I solve ? There is reset method or similar ?


My Vox uploader is also not working.

On Mac running 12.2.1 Monterey - Vox build 3.4.4 and IOS 2.6.8.

Any new files uploaded can be seen in Vox Cloud for a few minutes then they disappear.

I have now completely wiped my library so it shows 0 files. I re-uploaded 1 old and 1 new track as an experiment (used an old track that was on there for ages) and same for both - they upload - show as being uploaded and showing track info and album art - then a few minutes later they are gone - folder says its empty.


that’s the same issue i have, hopefully they will fix the problem soon.


You do know that VOX is based in the Ukraine, it’s possible they may not be operational