Vox Uploader for MacOS Big Sur


Trying to open Vox Uploader generates the following message:

‘“VOX Uploader” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.’

Please advise.


Thanks for your post!

Yes, unfortunately, VOX Uploader (beta) is not yet notarized properly, that is why such alerts might appear.

Please try to follow the steps below to make it work:

  • When you get the notification, press “Show in Finder”, you will be navigated to Applications.


  • Find VOX app in Applications and click with the right mouse button (Secondary Click) on the VOX app icon to open a context menu:
  • Click on “Open” in the context menu:

  • Now you will get another notification, similar to the first one, but with the “Open” option this time.
  • Click Open to start VOX app.

I hope it helps.

If there is something else I can assist you with - just let me know!


Thanks very much. That worked fine.