VOX took my money and now doesn’t work


Paid for the premium and now the app doesn’t work. I want my money back


I have also JUST subscribed (1 year) and suddenly getting the worst performance ever from the app. Actually I have a new phone (SE 2020), and am trying to load my whole collection (~21GB) onto it using CopyTrans software. The main complaint right now is that whole swaths of my music (many artists and albums) are clearly loaded into the iTunes db in the phone… Apple’s Music app can see and play it, but Vox does not see it. On my old phone (5s!), whenever the music db changed, you could see Vox rescanning… it would put a moving dotted line at the top of the Library list. Now, I can’t find any way to get Vox to rescan the db. I know the music is there, but Vox refuses to see it. Any help appreciated.