VOX Team Please Read This


I have wanted to write this for some time now, and it is important for the future of the service that the Vox team reads this.

Firstly, your app is fantastic. First rate. Excellent. The UI is better than most of the streaming services - it is so smooth and intuitive. The Cloud service also works mostly as advertised. No complaints there. When I heard you got Qobuz integration I was thrilled - finally my lossless library in the same place as a streaming catalog. All great. Excellent. Fantastic.

The problem is with your customer engagement. For years I have watched customer questions - good ones, not silly ones - go ignored. When someone does reply it sounds like a bot trotting out the same old lines “what version of iOS are you using” bla bla bla.

If this app and service are to have a future you need to be more responsive, update the app more often with new features and jump all over reported bugs much more quickly. Sonos playback, for example, has never worked properly from the app.

I am very concerned about what I see on this forum, which seems to indicate customers leaving in mass. There are other alternatives out there - not many, but a handful - including one called iBroadcast which in the interests of fairness and consumer choice I am mentioning here. But the point is we love Vox as a player and a cloud service, and I for one am very worried you simply won’t have any customers left at this rate.

Vox team, time to up your game. A lot.


They have already lost me unfortunately. I was VOX’s biggest supporter but like you said, the customer service leaves A LOT to be desired. I have outstanding issues since September and they have made exactly ZERO progress in helping me. You have to continually chase them to even get a useless response.

I fear the VOX team is down to like one guy and it’s more of a passion project / not a priority.

I’m taking my custom elsewhere.