VOX takes AGES to load with large collections


Greetings from Brazil

First of all congratulations on your great product.

I have VOX 2.3 (build 2302) installed with no iTunes Library at all, but with 5 collections. One with 32k songs and another with 29k songs. These two collections are for two external HDs.

No matter if have the HDs connected or not, but ON EVERY TIME I START VOX it takes AGES to load. We're talking about more than 10 minutes here. It starts the process and stays with 100% until it eventually starts playing.

Once it is loaded, it works smoothly.

I know the collection's sizes does matter but isnt there a way to optimize the initial load of the app and then load a collection?

Another issue:

If I quit VOX and then disconnect the HD the collection was playing then VOX gets crazy trying to find the song to play next, but since it is in the disconnected media it can't find and then can't find the next and so on... I think this behavior could be avoided just by checking if the file is there, if not VOX could just stop playing or give me the option of changing collections.

Thanks very much indeed


Hello antenando. Thank you for your feedback.
We are aware if this issue. Still investigating the way of optimization for such a big collections.


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Good luck !


Thanks for Your help.

Regarding second issue You mention:
When VOX tries to play inexistent files, what keeps You from changing collection? does it freeze? It should try to play next track approximately every second, but other than that, it should be available for Your control. Try to play available track and it should stop with previous queue. Does it work for You?


Hi Soundguy

I reckon you're right. Just tried it again and VOX let me change collections just fine.

I guess this was a bug in an older version. It's definitely not an issue anymore. Thanks for opening my eyes ;)

Still, the only bad problem is the initial load. It just took me 13 minutes to open VOX on a MBP retina with i5 :/

Keep up the good work

Best regards from Brazil


We took Your report seriously and now the process of trying to play the queue of inexistent files will stop on pause.

Regarding loading issue - is VOX unresponsive for all that loading period?


Great solution on the inexisting files.

About the loading issue, yes. Completely unresponsive. If I hover VOX window mouse turns into spinning pinwheel of death. Processor goes to 100% and eventually VOX starts to work.


Thank You, we are researching into optimising that part.


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There’s any solution or workaround to this loading problem?

So, Vox doesn’t load even a small collection with near a hundred songs!
When I load the song from a folder, and create the playlist takes some time, but works.
But If I save the collection and try to load it from the file, it’s no way to load the collection.

What exactly Vox does when load the playlist?
I can’t understand why it takes so much time or get so hard to simply read the song files location reference.



Thanks for reporting!

What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
Are your playlists are stored locally or have been uploaded to VOX Cloud?