VOX & Spotify


Hi there,

i have a Premium account with Spotify, and playlists downloaded to my iPhone6
is there a way to listen to the playlists with VOX on iOS?


Lorenzo, welcome aboard.

Your Spotify playlists should appear in VOX Collections tab once Spotify sync finishes.


thanks for your reply;
one more question:
can i use Vox to listen to Spotify downloaded playlists in offline/airplane
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Unfortunately, for now - no. This is a limitation of Spotify software they give to developers who wants to support their service, however, this may change in the future.


How is Spotify linked to VOX?
I only see a few items from Spotify in my VOX library. Are these items marked somehow? Perhaps downloads?



Thanks for reaching out!

If your problem is still pending, please contact our tech. support in direct: https://vox.rocks/support

Sure they will help you to figure it out.


Would you like to play Spotify playlist on Vox, you need to use Music Converter for Mac to download and convert Spotify songs or playlists to Vox compatible audio files and then you can start to import Spotify files to Vox for playback without problem.

Vox premium & Cloud

Please be well noted that even if you have a Premium account and you can download Spotify palylists to iPhone and other devices, you still couldn’t link playlists with VOX on iOS. Because Spotify and VOX don’t work together, there is no integration between them.

To do that, the first thing you need to do is to do Spotify format conversion so that VOX can support them. Here, you can use Spotify Music Converter to convert Spotify to MP3, FLAC, etc. After that, it’s easy to play Spotify playlist with VOX.


There is no integration between VOX and Spotify. So you cannot do that directly. But you still can convert Spotify playlists to MP3 and load them to VOX easily. For the converter, you can use TunesKit Spotify Music Converter