Vox, Sonos 5, iPhone 7 with iOS 12


How can I play Vox through my Sonos 5 with my iPhone 7 with iOS 12? The only place I see Airplay is in control center in Music, so it will only play from the Music app. I don’t see Airplay anywhere else on my iPhone


I know the techs have bigger fish to fry right now, and I wish them the best. I’m going to go ahead and describe this so they can address it in the better days that are coming.

First: I figured out how to use AirPlay with iPhone 7 and iOS 12. It isn’t how any of the instructions I found described. I start a track playing in Vox, and swipe up to access Control Center. The AirPlay icon is in the corner of the Now Playing section.

Now, when I play from Vox to my Sonos 5 via AirPlay, the sound warbles. It doesn’t do this with any other source, only Vox, and the same tracks don’t warble when played other than with AirPlay. That Sonos is the only AirPlay compatible device I own, so I can’t test this with another device.


On my Sonos speakers I also found out that the sound suddenly became weird, like a bad vinyl records.
Stopping the song, playing another one, and coming back to it usually solves the problem

To be honest it is the first time that I experience such problem in Airplay mode.

I am new to Vox since 2 days.


No answer here, none on Twitter and none by email.

After 3 months I stoped my subscription payments. Seriously I can’t pay for some services that don’t work and for zero support.
To be fair and honest to your customers, you should shutdown your service because I don’t know where the money goes.

FYI MacPaw at least still support is users.