Vox skipping tracks on Mac



I have all my music stored in “Users/Shared/Music” on my Mac running BigSur (v11.1) and Vox 3.3.19. The permissions on all the files in the /Music folder have been set to provide read/write access for all users.

When Vox plays the files it passes over many files as if it is not able to play them, i suspect the files it can’t play are the ones that are greyed-out in the play list. Some tracks from the same album can play yet others can’t.

Here’s what it looks like in my Dock;


Any ideas what can be done to fix this issue?



Thanks for your post!

Are those files are located on your internal drive or external drive, or perhaps they are stored on a mounted local network drive?
How did you get those files imported to the VOX app? Were they Synced from iTunes or you added them using Drag&Drop to VOX app?



I have all my music stored on my startup disk (which is internal) and to get them into VOX I drag and dropped the Music folder to VOX.



FYI - this is not a new problem, I have had it in prior Mac OS and Vox versions.

Thanks again :slight_smile: