Vox skipping all songs



I wanted to play some music on the VOX player, which I may haven’t used in two or three weeks. So I had to sign back in. When I started playing one of my collections it skipped the last two or three songs and played the next one.

As I wanted to listen to the first songs too I clicked again on the first title of that collection and then it started skipping every song, also the song it started playing before. So I checked other collection and now VOX isn’t playing any of my songs even when my music library is still at the same location as before.

Is there a way to remind VOX where the libraries are? Or is this a known problem with a known solution? I don’t want to have to make all my collections again from scratch just to loose them again in a couple of weeks and start all over again and again.


Really? No answer for this?



Thanks for reaching out here!

What OS are you on?
Where do you store your music files used to created mentioned collections?

Did you try to reach our support desk from here: https://vox.rocks/support?


I am on MacOS 10.14.5 (Mojave). I just had the same issue again, the only thing I did was to change my iMac general password but the files are in the same folder and folder structure they were all the time.

Right clicking on the songs inside the playlist and clicking “show in finder” won’t show their location either, so I end up having to make every playlist all over from start.



Thanks for your post.

Please advise do you store those files on your local drive, external drive, or mounted NAS?