VOX Player for iPhone disc ordering


It would be nice if the track numbers are ordered separately by their disc number.
If there is an album with two discs and three tracks on each disc,
it would be like,

Disc 1
1. Track 1-1
2. Track 1-2
3. Track 1-3

Disc 2
1. Track 2-1
2. Track 2-2
3. Track 2-3

When I put this album into VOX, it shows,

1. Track 1-1
2. Track 1-2
3. Track 1-3
4. Track 2-1
5. Track 2-2
6. Track 2-3

It would be better if it showed

1. Track 1-1
2. Track 1-2
3. Track 1-3
1. Track 2-1
2. Track 2-2
3. Track 2-3

so that the user can recognize the disc number.



We've changed the ordering recently, could you please tell us the version of your VOX on iOS?

Waiting for your reply.


Thank you for the reply.
It's the current version, 1.0.7.
I have noticed that you guys have fixed the disc number ordering bug, but this is a separate issue.
It's not exactly an issue actually, but rather a small suggestion.
The song ordering is perfect, thanks to the bug fix, but what I'm suggesting is the number shown on the left side of each track title.
Please mention if the words are too confusing, then I will upload a screenshot.


Yeah, screenshot would be great :)

Thanks in advance!


As you can see, after the 15th track 'Warg-Scouts', the first track of the second disc('The Hidden Valley') starts.
On VOX for iPhone, the track number on the left side keeps going up after 15 to 16, 17 and so on.
Could you fix this so that the track number starts over with 1 for following discs?


Thank you!

We will definitely try to fix it within the further updates.


Hi, I’ve just installed Vox as am looking for a credible alternative to Apple Music - sadly it’s this issue that has driven me away. Many of my rips are dual disc albums and often I only want CD2 and need to find it quickly… Given this was raised in 2015 and hasn’t (as far as I can see) been fixed - it’s unlikely that it will be… Hope the feedback is useful and apologies if I’ve missed something…