VOX player, FLAC and Airplay


Hi! I’ve just bought naim mu-so and trying to understand how to send flac files from my iPhone VOX player to Naim system, if I use AirPlay will it save loseless quality? As I know Airplay support only ALAC, so what if I play FLAC music through AirPlay.

Thank you!



Thanks for your post.

We’ve no other way to stream Flac music to Naim systems, but AirPlay or wire.

AirPlay will stream the highest quality possible (lossy), hence you may use wire to go with a lossless playback instead.


AirPlay isn’t lossy lol, it encodes whatever your listening to (int his case FLAC), to ALAC, which is apple lossless. @kononenko2332 if you play your lossless FLAC files over airplay, they will remain lossless, the only issue is, AirPlay only support 16bit @ 44khz, so anything in 24bit+ will be downsampled to CD quality, but its still lossless.


Thank you for your response! Btw if I want 24+ bit I need to use cable? USB to lighting?


Yes, or else it won’t be whatever format it was in originally.