VOX player crashes on iOS after connecting Qobuz


When I connect my Qobuz account to the VOX app on iOS the VOX app crashes after a couple of seconds. After I try to open the VOX app again the same happens. This doesn’t seem to happen when I turn off my Wi-Fi and carrier network.

I couldn’t find any topics here that described this issue as well so I was wondering if someone encounters the same issue or that it has something to do with my iPhone 11?


I have the same issue, since I have a qobuz account snd wanted to try it out. The app quit straight away. Thanks to your report I was able to turn off wifi snd remove the qobuz link to get the app working again. I guess we will have to be patient to get a fix :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m having the same problem and asked VOX for help, said they would get back to me.
Surprise, they haven’t.
Complete waste of time and money.
Can’t even get a refund since it has never worked on my iphone.