VOX on the iPad


I downloaded VOX music player on to my iPad and when it launches, it gets as far as the video of the guy and the girl and continues endlessly, never getting to the app’s interface.

I have downloaded, installed, deleted and re-installed several times with the same result.

What am I missing. This is a brand new iPad running the latest iOS. Everything on the device has been updated.

This is vexing. As I would very much like to use this app as I do on my MacBook.


Hi there!

Thanks for notification.

Currently, we don’t have the iOS version of VOX app fully supported on all iPads, we are in progress of developing an exclusive version for iPad from scratch. But it will take some time.

I will share this information with our dev.the team, probably they will have it fixed before iPad version release and we will have it solved in the future updates of the current version!



I had the same problem today, but I managed to get rid of the hanging client by just close the app (not only by pressing the homebutton, you have to doublehit the homebutten an swipe the app upward to close it complete)

After restarting the app twice, it works now very well… except the fact there‘s no widescreen version of the app

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any update on the iPad version?



Not, yet. The development is still in process.

Please stand by!


Any hint whether it will be weeks or months now before an iPad version exists please?



Thanks for asking!

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with an ETA at the moment. We will share some details as soon as we will be able to do it!

Stay tuned!


Great news!

You may use the link to join VOX beta testing sessions a new iPad version of the VOX app in the TestFlight app!

Consider that it is still a raw version and there are a couple of known bugs that going to be fixed in the upcoming updates, however, we couldn`t wait any longer and decided to share this build with you, so here it comes: https://testflight.apple.com/join/JTUnoAJ6

This version includes both iPad optimizations fixes, as well as new iPhone layout and UI updates, in other words, if you don`t have an iPad, but you would like to get a new version - you can go with your iPhone!

Don`t hesitate to reach our tech. support to provide us with your feedback, report bugs, or to get some assistance! https://vox.rocks/support



Unfortunately the link to the beta is not working…


Thanks for your post.

Please try to get a TestFlight app on you iOS device from here: https://apps.apple.com/bb/app/testflight/id899247664 and perform the first start of a TestFlight app to get your device authorized in the TestFlight environment.
Once done, please try to join VOX for iPad testing sessions using the link again https://testflight.apple.com/join/JTUnoAJ6

Tell us how it goes!


HI there. I am using the Beta version of the iPad app on my phone. looks like a slightly tweaked interface and overall an improvement.

But how do we share comments with you guys about the performance of the Beta? For example, albums don’t display properly in “grid” view.


Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

Yes, the Grid view related issues are getting fixed.

This is one of the known problems, as well as some other layout issues that we are working on at the moment.

Please feel free to reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support, posting your feedback here, or even using Testflight > Send Beta Feeback option!

Simply choose which way is the most convenient for you!


Thanks I will. Overall a great product guys, really one of its kind as a lossless music locker / player. Please keep it up!


I noticed that sometimes the app displays the bitrate when streaming and sometimes it doesn’t. I assume this is a new feature and is a bug since it should probably always display.


@VOX_Support_Team Just want to thank you guys for continuing to develop this great product.
I am using the Beta version for the iPad.


Thanks for reporting!

May I ask you to provide us with some additional details?
What music source do you use for playback, when you noticed the bitrate is missing?
VOX Cloud, Local music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud?


Thanks a lot for your feedback!