VOX not uploading album artwork [FIXED]


For the last day or so, none of the uploads to the VOX Cloud include any album artwork - embedded or otherwise. I’ve tried uploading through the VOX website and both the VOX macOS player and VOX Universal apps: same result.


It’s now been more than 3 days: no change in status. I am still unable to upload any album artwork using any of your apps (VOX / VOX Universal), across platforms (macOS & Windows) or via your website. At minimum, this merits a base acknowledgement of the issue from Support. Why am I paying for a service that appears to have major functions that are deprecated in addition to a having a complete lack of product / client support?


I have the same problem too, tracks unable to upload with artwork.

Hope a fix is sorted for it soon


yes! Same problem here…


Having same problem - I tag all my files with art and nothing loads…


Hey Guys - issue has been fixed for me.

Thank you!