VOX iOS 13 issues and more


I’m about to pull my hair out.

I am 1. Very frustrated with the this uploaded utility. When it works, it works great, but when it doesn’t. Lord. Fix this! I am uploading several folders now as collections. After about 35 min of uploaded, it will fail. You have to reboot the application, then it will work for 35 min and so on. I have gigabit internet so it’s not all that massive, but it’s VERY annoying.

  1. VOX on iOS 13 sucks. Collections do not sync properly. You have to delete the app and reinstall it. The app doesn’t properly sync with the lock screen while a song is playing. Sometimes it just full on crashes. Artwork for songs in collections do not load. They load when you search for a specific song in the library, but in collections, it’s a mess. Fix this. I have been paying for this services for a long time now and I’m getting fed up with the lax support and careless errors. I have read countless threads on here about basic things to be done, like genera support, or a freaking iPad app, but it’s met with some canned answer. It’s been years of people asking this. I don’t know if it’s just one person doing this in his spare time or not, but you need to hire more people to meet the demands of something of this magnitude. Quit giving items of things being done, but never delivering. You have so much potential. USE IT.


Im the same, this is just nonsense…turning into a pile of poo.

I suggest pCloud for storage and Cloudbeats to stream the music to carplay etc. It works quite well, just not as much storage at the moment.

Waiting and praying for VOX to improve fast, otherwise im gone for good.


Ive moved over to Amazon Music HD. $12.99/mo for prime customers. I will spend the money if it works, and this works quite well. VOX and their parent company do not give a rats rear end about their users. I am in the process of pulling out all of my songs in VOX and sending them up to my G suite. I just recently got unlimited google drive.


It’s a great pity for us that you’ve faced a negative experience with VOX and we would like to offer our assistance with anything you will need in the future!

We really appreciate your efforts providing us with your feedback, and yes, we got a lot of things to do with VOX and we are working on it constantly.

Sync Collections features logic is getting fully reworked at the moment and you will be able to see new upgrades soon, as well as, an artwork caching logic. We believe these two upgrades together - will improve the situation with artwork displaying, by making the whole process more reliable.

iPad is also coming soon. And we will send some invites via the TestFlight, so be ready for it.

One might think: “I’ve already heard all of this before”, but development and supporting such a service takes a lot of time\recources to handle the daily routine and that is why it takes so much time to introduce the most wanted features in VOX, that all of our users (and majority of our teammates) are waiting for.

been years of people asking this

There is a huge amount of the “preparations”, patching and updating which we’ve already done. Now we are looking forward to starting introducing long-awaited upgrades, approx. 70% of them have been already implemented on the back-end.

You’ve probably noticed that by facing servers recent shutdowns.

Do you mean VOX Uploader or VOX for macOS (web-tools?). Anyway, I would suggest sending some information about the error (fail) to support@coppertino.com, they can tell you more about the reasons and set a task to fix it, if those issues can be reproduced.

uploaded utility.


I hear you, but what is the ETA on all of this. I’m tired of hearing we’ve done this this this and this and it never sees the light of day. When can we expect to see these roll out? 2 weeks from now? 3 weeks? a month? What time frame are we looking at?

Also, how can I download my entire library at once from Loop on my Mac?


My Apple ID is th3krak3n007@icloud.com please add me to the TestFlight roll outs