Vox GUI Modifications?


Greetings! I am a brand new user having just subscribed because I felt like Vox could work for me in ways iTunes and Music do not. I am excited to familiarize myself with Vox, and have found the interface to be lacking. Are they any mods or updates that improve browsing ones own library? I have a library of more 30,000 songs and so just doing a search of my material isn’t always the best for me. Sometimes I like to just scroll through my library and see if I see anything I haven’t listened to in a while. But scrolling seems very clunky in Vox. are there any third party interfaces that work with Vox? Or are there any modifications available?
Thanks for the support!


I’m having the same problem sort of… I’d like a bigger/wider interface, yes like itunes in a way lol
as a dj I’d like to see all the info of all the songs be shown at the same time, so i can search and create lists faster


Thanks for your posts!

I will collect your request and make sure they reach the dev.team. All the feedbacks are being considered and some of them are definitely going to be implemented in a cross-platform version of the VOX app.

Stay tuned!