Vox For Windows



Any idea when this software will be ported to Windows? I use Mac and Windows and would like some type of continuity if at all possible.



I second your request for a port.
Would love to run Vox at work or when working away from my osx/ios devices.


Now that Windows 10 has arrived I have grown bored of OSX so looking to port across but despite the bugs with Vox and Loop I really like it so would like to have it on Windows and Android for that matter.


Please add a Windows Version! :)


Thanks for your request, folks!

We do have plans about the Windows version, but currently there is no estimated date for it.

Please feel free to write us back anytime.


Will there be any windows version for VOX. And if there will be one when will it come out.
Please reply as soon as possible.


Thanks for asking.
Unfortunately, we still have no ETA for that.



Just FYI this is probably the only show stopper for me not subscribing to Loop. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one on that boat :-)


I guess i am wondering why it has been a couple years of plans for windows and there is no windows yet.

Any plans for android or are you skipping all the most popular OSes? Seems like you are purposefully limiting your growth.


windows 7,10,xp and 8 all have larger market share than mac. Even linux is creeping up on Mac.

same site switch to mobile and android has double the market share of IOS.

I know android is somewhat fractured with all the different manufacturers doing their best to make it a nightmare, but I have never had a program that did not run on every android in the house. Maybe i am lucky or maybe it is just not that hard to make an android app that runs on all the flavors of android.

Oh well, i will check back in a few months, but sooner or later someone will best VOX and not just offer for mac/ios.


Agreed ^^ I'm currently using both my mac and windows just to use VOX... Please make windows version ASAP!

Maybe release beta version?


Yes, I am patiently waiting for a Windows version too. One and a half yeats ago you wrote:
"Loop will be available on windows and other platforms very soon ;)" What caused the change from "very soon" to "no ETA"?
Is it no longer a priority? It would indeed be very nice to know if that is the case.


Still waiting for VOX for Windows,
I like VOX, any update about this?


Me and a family member are only a few steps from both getting the Vox Premium.

1) The added availability of a Windows/Linux/Android version and
2) the ability to share the same storage between two accounts, with equal editing privileges.

That would make your product totally killer :D I currently use it on macOS. Platform choice would really make the long run difference.

Thanks :)


SERIOUSLY considered premium. i use VOX on my phone. best player by far. but, i am not a apple user (except the phone of course) so there is no reason to pay for this amd only use it on one device :(


Jai lu avec interêt tous vos commentaires... Sans doute vox est excellent lecteur pour mac ... Dommage , pas de plugin pour spotify !!! Après avoir tester une vingtaine de players , voici mes meilleurs selection pour windows : Audirvana , Amarra et pour moi le top du top c'est: Foobar 2000 ... Pourquoi ? Gratuit , configuration a souhait . Asio, wasapi... des plugins comme aucun autre lecteur offre aujourdhui ... Tout absolument tout Free


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At this stage I would settle for a browser app to playback my cloud-stored files, please. I can’t always work on macOS or windows, sometimes I need to use Windows or Linux.
Most direct solution is a web app.