Vox failing to load multiple tracks from loop


I’m having issues with Loop for Vox multiple tracks across many albums are failing to load. The dotted progress bar just continues to scroll and eventually a pop-up says track "Failed to load: ". Any suggestions?


I’m having issues here too, and not just with streaming from VOX Cloud, but also signing in to my VOX account, etc.

Is VOX Cloud down at the moment? If so, it would be more helpful to issue a proper error message within the app that would help us find out what’s going on.

Currently, can’t play any music :sob:


Hi Everybody,

Seems like it was a temporary glitch. Please advise if the problems are still there?


problems still there, music is not uploading


We are running diagnostics. It should end up in a few hours.

If the problem still persists, please reach our tech. support desk directly - https://vox.rocks/support and get individual assistance.