Vox Cloud won't upload songs with the same title



I have noticed that whenever I upload an album to Vox Cloud that contains different tracks with the same title and the same length, Vox seems to think they are exact duplicates and therefore will not upload any of the other tracks with that name, only the first one.

Here is my specific situation. I am trying to upload a 4-CD compilation by The Stooges and a lot of the tracks are simply short bits of speech titled “Studio Dialogue” and a lot of them have the same length. For instance I have at least two tracks with this exact title which are both 7 seconds long. So if I upload the album to Vox, the first 7-second “Studio Dialogue” will be uploaded but any other 7-second “Studio Dialogue” is ignored, even though they are indeed different tracks with distinct chatter. This same issue will occur on albums that have multiple “Untitled” songs as well.

Is there any way I can avoid this without renaming all of the songs? One way I sneak around this issue now is by editing the sound file itself to make it shorter or longer so that it isn’t ignored by Vox when I upload it. I tried changing the “Sort Name” tags but this did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I would try changing the metadata on the ‘studio dialogue’ tracks as a work around. You could always number the tracks ‘Studio Dialogue #1’ for example.