Vox Cloud streaming no longer working


I’m completely unable to stream any tracks uploaded to my Vox Cloud account on IOS v2.6.7. Downloading the tracks seems to still work and is now the only way I can listen to music on the IOS player. Also, the Vox Cloud player for MacOS is also able to stream my uploaded music. I didn’t notice this issue before this release.


Thanks for your post!

Please describe what happens when you try to stream your music from VOX Cloud?

We will set a task for the tech.team to look into that on our side!


A track will visually appear as though it’s playing, but the progress bar never moves and there is no sound. The only way to uploaded tracks to play back on my device is to download them to the phone. I did try a hard restart of my phone, and tracks were able to stream momentarily, but after a few minutes of playback I saw the same behavior, and could no longer stream any songs unless I downloaded them to my device.


I experience the same issues like you described. Doesn’t look like that it has been resolved? Could someone look into this ASAP because I payed for this functionality and I cannot use it so far!