VOX cloud security token has expired


Every time I launch app on iPad or iPhone I get the message VOX cloud security token has expired. I re-login and immediately the same error message comes up. I re-login and the same error message ad infinitum. Someone else has indicated the same problem. Is there a solution, or should I post a nasty review in the App Store?


There are no need to fix problems by the posting negative reviews :wink: Please let us check from our backend what the reason of problem and let your know


Dear Acrist1- I am also tempted to write a bad review in the App Store as there is still no fix. I experience this same problem daily with your app and you have yet to post a response about any kind of fix. I like your app, but this bug is annoying as hell.



Did you try to contact us directly? Please to do that and we will investigate an issue and provide you with some sort of workaround for this individually.


Isn’t this post already notifying you of the issue? why does he have to contact you again?


Any updates on this?? I can’t play any music since few days ago, always getting this token expired msg, asking me to log in SoundCloud. But I never needed to log in SC before to play my music from their library. What’s happening? Is this a bug or SC problem or what?

I’m using the latest app, btw.

Please respond.


Thanks for your post.

If you are speaking about the Charts tab, yes, it will be available even without a SoundCloud account, hence Streams and Likes will be unavailable in this case.

Have you tried to re-login to SoundCloud source in VOX app?

Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to get assistance on this matter.


My case is, I’m using the app without log in to SoundCloud, I make my owl playlists (Collections) from their library. It all worked well until last week when suddenly none of the songs in my Collections will start playing, they just keep on loading and skipping to the next one.

I didn’t try to re-login to SC, because I don’t even have an account there, I never needed to have an account to play songs in VOX app before.