VOX cloud is useless


I have a new 2 years subscription In VOX.
I am very frustrated at the moment. I have uploaded two MP3 mixes, one of which appears only in the VOX Cloud. The uploaded mixes do not appear in the desktop player and my iPhone player too. When I check my VOX account , and there are 11 uploaded mixes.
I don’t know what happening ?! This is a full chaos!

My Vox version is up to date 3.4.4 (on my MAC)
My OS version is 10.11.6

I wrote a message 2 days before and the problem is not solved. The uploaded MP3 and FLAC tracks are not synced from the VOX cloud to my desktop player and to my iPhone player. All players are up to date. Screenshots I sent 2 days ago for the support.

The support doesn’t answering, the VOX cloud is useless from the subscription is launched.

Sorry to generate such bad feelings in the Holiday Season is this useless 2 years subscription.

I see that many other users have similar problems.
How is it possible that a faulty software is being sold on the internet, fooling more users?


The time to leave VOX is now. The ship is sinking fast


I leaved before one months ago.
Wasted time and money!

I will try PLEX now.