VOX Cloud downloaded music still plays from the Cloud


Hi! Thank you for the great player for macOS! I’ve noticed that all my music downloaded from the cloud still plays from the Cloud instead of local folder on hard drive. So when I’m offline I can’t play music from VOX Cloud tab even if it is downloaded to my Mac. I need to manually drag and drop folder to VOX to play it.

Maybe I’m missing something?

Thank you!


I actually have the exact same problem. In iOS works great, though.


Same problem here. Most frustrating.


Sent a help request in with link to this thread. Hopefully they’ll respond.

FWIW, this is what the VOX Cloud FAQ says:

Does VOX Music Cloud stream or download songs?
On a computer, any songs stored in VOX Music Cloud will stream over the air when played, though you can download them at any time, just right-click on the Album and choose “Download”. On iOS VOX it works the same, for downloading just swipe to the left and choose “Download”.

The iOS app works exactly as expected. I wonder if the macOS is just there so you can get your files back, rather than “if you download it, we’ll play the local copy” I was expecting. The language used is vague.


Thanks for your posts!

For optimisation, VOX Player for macOS uses for playback original local files that were uploaded to VOX Cloud, if these original files still exist and VOX Cloud client knows about them. In this case, these files exist but for some reason, they are inaccessible to VOX.

We think that problem is in the Apple protection mechanism called Sandbox. Sandbox protection works wrong sometimes, especially on external disks. We have tried to fix this issue, but can’t reproduce it on our test devices

So we’ve added a simpler solution: the option to turn off the optimization mentioned above and force VOX to always play music from Cloud.

But this option will be turned off. And you’ll have to turn it on using the command in Terminal

defaults write com.coppertino.VOXCloud _dontUseLocalFiles_ 0

Then restart the VOX Cloud client. Options are saved on updates so you should set it only once, there no need to make this on every update.


Viktor sorted me out and that Terminal command did the trick.

FWIW, I was expecting this:

  1. Upload 2 tracks to VOX Music Cloud
  2. Download Track A
    –> Playing Track A would play the local downloaded file
    –> Playing Track B would stream

Once I applied that command line bit, VOX seems to have sorted out where my Cloud files came from (i.e.: my macOS Music library) and plays those files, regardless of whether I downloaded Track B or not.

It works well so far.