VOX Client for iOS needs to be UPDATE


Hi, I’m using 2.5.6 version of iOS Vox music player and it doesn’t update since 23 dec 2020, almost five months without updates, What happened?

  • You have plans to release a new version?
  • It’s will be supports new playlists
  • FIX the knows problems with cover-arts
  • Include compatibility with Siri / shortcuts
  • Include compatibility with new Siri default music player?
  • Update VOX widget to iOS 14

I hope your answer, thanks in advance :smile:


I 100% agree this is a subscription service we all pay for and there should be regular, meaningful updates. It should not be 3 months without an update like this.

Any news when next update will be launched guys?


Thanks for your posts!

The new update is in development, we’ve been planning to get it released already, but, unfortunately, we’ve bumped into some technical difficulties and we are still sorting them out.

Hopefully, the update will be sent to review in AppStore already next week.