Vox choppy and slow


What’s the story? I have dealt with this on both my iPone Xr and my macbook pro? Choppy playback and the songs are not buffering correctly. In addition, how do you add meta-data to files that might have it missing once in the cloud?


What VOX + iOS (macOS) versions are you referring to?
Are those tracks play OK when downloaded and stored locally?
What kind of internet connection are you on? LTE or Wifi (Wire)

Provide us with some example track`s names (Track, Album, Artist) - that fail to play normally and we will check the corresponding servers to be OK.


MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 : Vox V3.3.15 (Build 3396.1)
iOS 13.3 Vox V2.4
Yes, the tracks play fine as AIFF on my computer and when downloaded from the desktop app.
I am on wifi at 200bps and LTE with 5 bars on AT&T.
I can’t pinpoint which songs or artists seem to be giving me trouble as all of them seem subject to this. I am using VOX as a means to store and streaming my hi-res library. The choppy trouble happens on both my phone and laptop and doesn’t appear to be related to service in my house or through my phone.


Please try to resolve this issue. Storage is cheap and also convenient and if the issues aren’t resolved I see no real reason to continue with this service.


Also, please address the meta-data and artwork issue. I would imagine that many audiophiles find this to be more than annoying as it just shows shoddy work on a paid-for platform in an area that people are passionate about.


Thanks for your replies

Please share some example Tracks\Albums, that fail to playback from VOX Cloud, I will pass this info to our tech.team and we will check the corresponding servers to be alright.

please address the meta-data and artwork issue.

Can you tell us more about this issue?


Sure…just today I wasn’t able to play past “Moonchild”, “Inifite Dreams”, and “The Evil That Men Do” off of the Iron Maiden album Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

The meta data issue is strange…Vox will insert pictures when not prompted. I had recently uploaded Igor Levit’s collection of Beethoven Piano Sonatas and your program inserted a photo of my wife’s friend at her wedding!