Vox can't see iTunes music library


Was using VOX for a pretty long time, but something happened and now player can’t see my iTunes songs, just “The MDMA - VOX” song. Tried to reinstall app 5 times but didnt helped.

Using Vox since 2016 or 2017
Using iPhone SE
iOS 12.1.3



Can your please advise how do you store those music files on your iOS device?
Inside VOX App or synced from iTunes?


Or do you store those files in VOX Cloud?


I downloaded all my music from iTunes Music through my iPhone(just online downloads, without synching with iTunes on my PC)


Are those files can be reached using Native music app at the moment?


Yes, can see all my music on my native app and using different player(named Boom)


Did you check your Library view filters? Are all of them enabled?

What is your current version of VOX app?


I’ve checked all filters, reinstalled app and so on, yes, i did all what possible to see my music, i’m not newb in this. It has DRM rights. Is this the reason i cant see music?


VOX can NOT play DRM protected files.

VOX uses its own awesome audio engine, which allows it to support tons of audio formats including FLAC. It gives many other great features like BS2B, custom equalization, sample rate sync etc…

All that features make VOX unique and lets users get beyond the scope of Apple audio engine.


Sure, this is why i love Vox. So as i understood the only way to listen my music through Vox is only by uploading it via iTunes or using premium Cloud solutions?