VOX App sound output problems with CarPlay


Hi team,
I’m trying to get the VOX iOS app running via CarPlay.
I’ve a 2017 Audi A4. The Apple Music App works perfectly via CarPlay, also the Deezer app works fine.
When I try to play songs from the VOX app, the sound output is stuttering and choppy.
I’ve tried three different (original Apple) cables, but the result was always the same.
Close and restart of the app, re-connect the phone etc. didn’t help either.
Any suggestions how to get the VOX app working via CarPlay?
Many thanks in advance!


Hi Arne,

Thanks for the notification!
We are working on it! Should be updated in future versions of VOX.

However, if you have some more questions, please contact our tech. support in direct: https://vox.rocks/support


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Hi team,

just a short notice what I've found out today.
If I turn on "only local tracks" on the iOS app and then connect the iPhone with my car and press immediately "Play" (which means the last played song will be continued), the app is playing normal.

The problem seems to occur if I connect the phone with the car and go directly back to the library to select another song or album. (which I normally do).

Another notice - the progress bar is not working when I play via Car Play. Also I can see all albums in the library, even though I've selected "only local tracks".

Positive: The sound is so much better :-)


Ok, my previous mentioned workaround seems not to work every time... Since 3 days I can't get the app play properly via CarPlay. Sometimes it helps to press 2-5 times "stop/play", then the current song is playing "normal" to the end. But the next song is messed up again...

My setup: iPhone 7+, current version of the app, CarPlay via Audi A4
When I use CarPlay I only use the local tracks - so no streaming is involved which could cause data transfer problems. I have only FLAC files. The phone is connected via original Apple cables.

Please find attached an example of AC/DC played through the VOX app via CarPlay.


same here with the mmi6703 in the audi a4 and on iphone x. any solution from the vox player support team?


I am having similar issues with my 2018 Audi A4. Vox player sometimes works with Carplay and sometimes I have to restart a few times. Art work will show up sometimes and other times not at all. I have ios 12.1 and MMI 0160. I’m using the Audi supplied USB cable.

Playing local FLAC and other Hi Res files doesn’t seem to make a difference.

All other streaming music services are working correctly with Carplay. ( Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music )

Any ideas anyone?



Thanks for reaching out!

Please contact our support desk, so we can find an individual solution for you!

Meanwhile, we are trying to indicate and fix the issue described. Thanks for your petience!