VOX App pulling the wrong Album Art out of nowhere


Just downloaded VOX so I can play some lossless audio files from my iPhone. Used a Mac application to edit the Metadata and add the album artwork, looked good on my MacBook Pro, so I AirDropped the AIFF-C files to my iPhone 8 Plus, opened them in VOX, they imported fine but showed up with the wrong album art, not the artwork I embedded into the files with the application on my Mac. Is there a way to fix this? Is VOX actually looking at the embedded artwork or is it pulling from a database according to the artist and album metadata? Not a huge deal, kind of funny since the band is 7 guys not three women, but oh well. Maybe it’s a glitch with the AIFF codec. Might try editing the metadata on some WAV files and importing those instead. I included a screenshot of the VOX app playing with the wrong artwork, and also the correct artwork. Thanks.


Here’s the correct album art (I could only post one photo at a time):



Were those tracks uploaded via files sharing?

Can you share the original files with us, so we can run some tests with them and VOX?