VOX.app for MAC not working at all


What is going on? I tried to launch VOX on MacOS just now and got a message that said the app was broken and that I needed to delete it and download it again from the app store. I’ve done this multiple times and I still get the same message. I pay for this service and expect a response ASAP.


I’ve also tried downloading the dmg from the website multiple times and the dmg file that is downloaded does nothing. It will not mount at all.


Working OK for me did you resolve this issue?


For others’ benefit, I was finally able to resolve the problem. I had an external drive failure and it happened to be the drive that has my entire FLAC library that VOX was watching for new uploads to VOX Cloud. In a horrible mess of unfortunate events, I lost my backup of it as well. So now I have no source. The ONLY way I was able to get the app running again was to reattach the failing drive (luckily it was still able to mount it even though reading any useful amount of data from it was impossible), open the app, and modify the configuration in VOX to stop watching the folder on that drive. If I had completely lost the drive, I would not be able to ever launch the app again.

I tried contacting support and never heard a word from them. No response. If I can figure out how to download all the files I have uploaded to VOX Cloud, I will be canceling my subscription and moving to Plex. This software is so close to the perfect solution and yet a total disaster because there is no support.


@VOX_Support_Team please see above


VOX app works best when maintained manually I think rather than watching a specific folder.

You can download from the iOS software though but think you would need to go through each album :weary:

I’ve also emailed support for you. I agree that VOX is so close to being great it just needs the support that we all need to help us with these unforeseen problems



I managed to download all my original files one artist at a time (ridiculous that you can’t download all of your files more easily), converted all my FLAC to ALAC, uploaded to my Apple Music account, and canceled my subscription with VOX Cloud. The lack of any response by @VOX_Support_Team here or via email is absolutely unacceptable for a service I was paying for. Good luck to everyone continuing to try to get support.


I had the same issue but it was caused by unplugging my HomePod mini while the app was closed. Caused an output device issue. The only way to fix it was to use CleanMyMac and fully uninstall it, then reinstall it. Just dragging it to the trash did not do a clean uninstall.


Hi drumshaman, I’m also urgently needing customer support and normally it would be acceptable to complain when customer support is unavailable. But we do need to remember what they are going through in Ukraine right now and I feel that whatever we decide to say or do we must BE KIND.